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Latest Release:

Our first full-length album,
"All We've Got is Time"

Released June 24th, 2022
Produced at Gnome Home Studios
Mixed by The Gender Gnomes,
Noah Weisbart, Steve Weisbart,
and Shami Arslanian
Mastered by Mike Parisi

All We've Got is Time OFFICIAL ALBUM COVER.png
Copy of When I Say Blue (1) 2.PNG

The reviews are in! Here's what Ear to the Ground Music had to say:

The Gender Gnomes - When I Say Blue”
Okay so take a great band name...(Editorial note: I am not actually allowed to end the write up there.)]Oh...right, so also, in addition to a great band name, there's also a folk duo with a lot of enthusiastic spirit. The 12-string guitar might be my favorite part. Honestly, the lead vocal reminds me of some of my theater-loving friends in high school...and I mean that with the absolute utmost respect. The genre blend here really does something special bringing together elements of blues, country, folk, and...musicals? Anyways, you should listen to this song and tell your friends because it's a great time.

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